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Thread: Liverpool Overhead Railway

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    Default Liverpool Overhead Railway

    I remember the last day it ran. I worked for Blakes the Ford dealer in Hardman St. The boss there a Mr. Stanley Blake Reece was a train enthusiast and he hired buses to transport the whole company, all branches and closed up shop to take us on the last ride.
    We went the full length and back. Can't imagine todays businessmen doing a thing like that.


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    I am too young for the overhead, but I do remember Blakes in Hardman street
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    I remember the stumps

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    I am too young for the overhead, but I do remember Blakes in Hardman street
    I remember both and Blakes were a cowboy company - I bougt a new car of them once and the big ends went after 2,000 miles...in France. They didn't want to know. I hate the *******s. It took 18 months of legal action to get anywhere. I'm glad they went belly up - they deserved to.

    Now, the overhead I just about remember. You could see the trains through the sleepers underneath. It was a dirty brown colour. I remember the cranes taking it down too.
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    How old are you again Watership ?

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    My Dad used to travel on it from the Dingle to the north end docks for quite a few years.

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