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Thread: To the Last Tommy

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    Default To the Last Tommy

    Copying these worthwhile posts from another site. . .


    Raven wrote:

    To the 'Last Tommy' Bless you xxxxx

    I am adding a link to a wonderful interview Harry did a couple of years ago

    Nemo responded:

    I live about 500yds from where Harry was married - in Hadley Church, Telford Shropshire

    There is a local "mountain" about 1 mile away, called the Wrekin, where Harry was first based in a troop camp

    There were recent plans to take Harry to the top of the Wrekin , but he was too frail so he was instead presented with a painting of the Wrekin which pleased him very much

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    Nice one chris

    Is it not Harry's Birthday today?
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    Duh I messed that one up.

    Happy Birthday Harry
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    Harry Patch was shelled and his friends killed alongside. He was retraining in England to go back to the front when the war ended. They were kept in the army way after the war and they all complained, as they were volunteers only in for the war. They were made to march and shine everything and do all the silly peacetime army things. The group refused to go on parade and an officer (probably a young private school kid) came up to them and pulled out his revolver and said he would shoot the first one who refuses. Patch said 30 bolts immediately cocked and the officer walked away, Good on them. They were all up on mutiny and the charges dropped. Then they went home.
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