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Thread: A Silly, Silly Game (CTG)

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    Default A Silly, Silly Game (CTG)

    A Silly, Silly Game


    Cricket. Too slow! Too boring!
    Thin ripple of applause from
    a mock Tudor pavilion. Consider
    those daffy names cricketers use:
    Silly mid-on. Silly mid-off.
    Silly midwicket. Silly point.

    As my train clatters through
    the English countryside, I see a
    a lazy stream wafting with fresh
    green weeping willows, a water-
    meadow where Guernseys graze, see

    the inevitable cricket match:
    players in white flannels dot
    a green lawn precisely rollered.
    Oh yawn! Supplanted all too fast
    (howzat!) by a cemetery's sod
    dotted with white stones.

    Christopher T. George
    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
    Chris on Flickr and on MySpace

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    I can never understand the score at half time and why the bowlers all seem to have this incredible itch in their groin that they jut have to rub with the ball always amazes me.

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