I am a Canadian Master's student working out of Aarhus University in Denmark and currently living in Seattle, Washington. I will be in Liverpool as of the 20th of April to collect data about the Capital of Culture experience. Specifically, I am interested in the negotiation around city space and the different definitions of "culture" that drive who has appropriated what space and with what justifications and consequences. I would love to hear your opinions about this. What do you think about the promotion of the Capital of Culture locally and to prospective visitors? How was Liverpool "sold"? What do you think is distinct about the "culture" of Liverpool? What do you think about the regeneration and building projects in the city? Were there controversies? Did you feel like the process was democratic? driven by an elite? What did you think about the events and spectacle throughout the year? Who did you think most benefited? Perhaps the most ideal scenario for me would be to talk about this over a pint when I'm in town. I have never been to Liverpool and look forward to being in the city and talking to locals. Is anyone game?