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    Talking MacGregor Property

    Can anybody please help with information & images of the following properties (or streets) which were owned by my family (MacGregor) in Everton & Liverpool from about 1817 until 1841? After the death of Alexander MacGregor, the properties remained in the MacGregor family as part of the Trust Estate until 1841 when they were sold at auction..


    1. Saint Domingo House & Estate. Purchased 1817. In family until 1841. Sadly, no member of the family resided there. Rent ?535 1840.

    2. Hillside Villa 1823 ? 1841 The rent income in 1840 was ?268. I think this may have been where McGregor Street is now?

    3. House on Maryland Street. I think there is a connection to Jane Carlye nee Welsh, wife of Thomas Carlyle as she wrote letters from here. It was her uncles house; John Welsh. Jane was a cousin to the McGregor?s but I don?t know who the common ancester was. Can anybody help? Rent ?50 1840.

    4. House in St. James?s Mount. ?60 rent 1840.

    5. Two warehouses on Brunswick Street / Chorley Street, built about 1818 by Alexander MacGregor. Sold in 1858 after the death of his son James MacGregor. Rent income ?600 1840.

    I am also interest in a property called Eton Lodge which was once owned by Walter Fergus MacGregor.


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    MacGregor Property Management of Reston, an Orr Partners Co., announced that Andrew W. Gutowski was named as president. Gutowski has more than 30 years experience in the management of all aspects of real estate including development, architectural design and construction. Previously, he managed large complex urban development projects with JBG, Waterford Development and Carbon Thompson Development. Kate M. O'Hara was made a senior real estate manager. She will be responsible for the oversight of the MacGregor Property Management portfolio. O'Hara joins MacGregor Property Management from CB Richard Ellis.

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