Hi Gang,

I wonder if anyone out there is able to help with this one.

For the past couple of years, I've been working (whenever time has allowed) on a projected book indexing every significant address I've been able to find on Merseyside, so that people can have a ready reference source for info - such as who was born/lived/died where etc - which often turns up in piecemeal fashion, but has never been thoroughly collated in one place. I've nearly reached the 250,000 word mark, and a couple of publishers have already shown interest in producing it, although the chances of a book of that size getting published in the present economic circumstances seem a bit remote at present.

Anyway, although I've scoured all the directories I've been able to lay my hands on, the following worthies have so far eluded me. So if anyone knows where any of these people lived in the area, I'd be grateful for your assistance.

Basil Rathbone (actor) worked at the Globe Insurance Co. (L'pool) ca. 1910-11.

Reginald Clifford Kell (in L'pool ca. 1942-5)

Sir William Rann Kennedy (L'pool 1873-82)


Eric Henri Kennington (artist. b. L'pool)

Edward Kennion (b. L'pool 1744)

Malcolm McDowell (Malcolm John Taylor; actor) parents: Charles & Edna (Aintree area?)

William Linton (b. L'pool. There until ca. 1815)

John Miller (19th century Pre-Raphaelite art patron)

John Milne (b. Mt Vernon, L'pool)

Eliza Meteyard (b. Lime St, L'pool)

Doris Moore (nee: Levy) b. L'pool 1902. Left for S. Africa ca. 1910.

Edward Rusghton (1756-1814) poet, anti-slavery campaigner. b. John St, L'pool/bookseller at 44 Paradise St.

Peter Noone (Herman!) Chestnut Avenue, Huyton (parents: Joseph/Clare)

Pauline Collins (actor) b. 1939. family home: Radnor Drive?

Leon Goossens (musician) 1897-1988

Albert Finney (actor)

Errr . . . that's it. Many thanks if you can help. Naturally, full acknowledgment given for any assistance offered, if the book ever sees the light of day.