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Thread: Kensington District

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    Bump !

    Zappa are you there ! ?

    You might have missed the previous post. no. 90.
    I noticed it was posted 18 hrs ago and you logged-in since then, so you probably haven't seen it.


    (Am I being a busybody ! ) ha,ha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robr View Post
    Hi John;
    I've read a fair number of contributions from your good self about Kensington, and that your father did a lot of sign and pub painting in the area over the years. Would you be kind enough, when you have time, to see if you can find any picture of the aforementioned, and if anyone can recall this business. Many thanks in advance for your help. Please feel free to get back to me.
    Hi robr,
    Thanks for your very interesting reply. I shall ask my dad about it and let you know. Meanwhile I've sent you a PM.
    Cheers fella.

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