Does anyone know anything about the Egremont Pier? As a Kid I spent many hours in the concourse where there were fantastic glass cased boats (or should that read ships). I would like to know about when it was built, when the Pier was bombed, when did the remains of the Pier get cleared away? Where are those beautiful glass cased boats now? I hope I can jog a few memories. Any help will be much appreciated.

I was a little 'get' of a lad, hated school, and sagged school more often than I attended. I cadged pennies at Seacomb ferry, and I even managed to board a ferry to the Isle of Man, where in Douglas I handed myself in to the Police Station knowing I would get something to eat and be sent back home (with a Police escort), my 'al feller gave me a bloody good 'idin' as a welcome home treat, and looking back, I did deserve all I got. I am writing a book about my childhood, We lived in Ashbridge St off Lodge lane, and after the war we moved to Wallasey with my Grand Parents, then to a spanking new Council house in Moreton. I still caried on sagging school and would get over to Liverpool, and would spend hours in the news theatre (the Tatler) London Rd. I would scrounge cups of Kardoma tea from their shop opposite, where the shop assistants would give me cake, as well as my tram fare to get home. Where else would you get that much kindness? I have just had my Golden Wedding celebration here in Cornwall. We were Married in St Agnes Church, Huyton. (before it was pulled down and modernised) I hope you will take the time to drop me a line, thus helping my writing. Tarrah Well.