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Thread: Hall Lane bottleneck solution given go-ahead

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    Default Hall Lane bottleneck solution given go-ahead

    Hall Lane bottleneck solution given go-ahead

    Nov 5 2008 By Ben Schofield

    A ?20m overhaul of an arterial route into Liverpool has been given the go-ahead by Government.

    The Hall Lane Strategic Gateway aims to ease one of the biggest bottlenecks on the city?s roads. Drivers heading into the city centre from the M62 should suffer fewer delays.

    A public inquiry was held in April last year into the compulsory purchase and road orders needed for the scheme.


    Three objections lodged at the start of the inquiry were withdrawn.

    A senior councillor said "real progress" can now be made to create a "first class gateway" into the city.

    Traffic heading to the city centre from Edge Lane, must turn either left or right into Hall Lane or Towerlands Street at the top of Mount Vernon Green.

    But both of these routes are residential roads and traffic is frequently snarled up.

    The scheme, funded by the Department for Transport and the European Regional Development Fund, will include new road alignments to take traffic away from the residential areas of Hall Lane and Towerlands Street and will be in dual carriageway for most of its length.

    There will also be a new junction at West Derby Street and Crown Street directing traffic north along a new stretch of road towards Low Hill and then on to Islington, or south along a realigned Grove Street.

    To improve traffic flow between Islington and Grove Street the junction at Low Hill will be upgraded.

    Pedestrian facilities will be provided wherever there are traffic lights and cycling facilities are also being introduced. The scheme will include "extensive landscaping and improved lighting".

    Peter Millea, executive member for assets and development, said: "This means that we can make real progress on a scheme which has the support of the local community as well as road users.

    "The city needs first-rate gateways into our centre - that is a key part of our regeneration. The Hall Lane scheme will do that, helping both motorists and pedestrians and providing a much better image for visitors. And it will produce a much better environment for the neighbourhood.

    "It will also provide a new frontage to the Royal Liverpool Hospital development. We have worked closely with the hospital trust to ensure we could have this scheme and a first-class hospital in the city."

    Work is scheduled to start early in 2009 and be completed in Autumn 2010.
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    Cheers for that! I've been wondering what's been going on out side the university for a while!

    I've just had a quick gander at the council's website and found the plans for the Hall Lane scheme... it looks rather big!


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    Isn?t it typical of the powers that be, they are going to build a hospital at Low Hill and then a major road will be built to flow around it.

    What price the health of the patients with all the fumes from the traffic.

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    Would you rather they built a hospital miles out in the countryside so that ambulances, visitors and outpatients and blood/organ donation vans would have to travel down narrow country lanes to get to it?

    A busy city hospital needs a top notch transport system and the new road isn't to encourage more traffic, it's to create a solution for the already over-burdened roads in the area.

    Some people are just never happy.

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    I just hope that when it's all done and dusted, that it really does improve traffic flow. Liverpool seems to have a strange way of adding more roads only for more cars just to fill it.

    When I worked with Elizabeth Pascoe on the Edge Lane website, we came up with a cracking solution to the build up of traffic and actually proved that this would work by going in to detail and setting up programmes that would calculate speed journeys.

    I look forward to anything that helps the transport system in Liverpool as getting to Wavertree from town centre is a nightmare - I just hope that it is a successful project.

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    Straight down Mount Vernon always works for me

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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