MCM Liverpool Comic Con 2016 – Report, Pictures and Tweets
As a 40 something with growing boys, I’m always looking for ways to keep them entertained and when the MCM Liverpool Comic Con was announced, I was a little excited. We are avid ‘gamers’ and enthusiastic fans of TV box-sets and films from a range of genres in our house, so I booked priority tickets for the Sunday and I waited in anticipation for its arrival.
Back to The Future DeLorean time machineI’ve never considered myself to be a geek but did have a dormant love for the early Star Wars films like many people born in the 1970s/80s. This love rekindled recently with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a film that I could view with my boys who too, have developed an appreciation for this epic space opera franchise. They are at that age now where I can drag them along to events like this and they enjoy and appreciate it, a shared interest gets a big thumbs up from me!


The newly opened Exhibition Centre Liverpool is another piece in the King’s Dock jigsaw that has seen massive investment and regeneration along Liverpool’s famous and historic waterfront. I also wanted to view this new facility for the city, right next door to the Liverpool Echo Arena. It’s about time that Liverpool joined this ever expanding pop culture phenomenon with the arrival of the MCM Comic Con, although I was a little apprehensive at the idea of Cosplay, a subculture that sees individuals dress up in various costumes in the name of art and role-play and for the first hour I was there, I was a little freaked out by amount adults strutting around dressed as various superheros from gaming, TV and film.
My apprehension quickly turned into complete respect and appreciation of the work put into make up and costumes as more people of all ages turned up, ready to indulge their fantasies in a large, safe environment. My inner-child quietly emerging, genuinely made-up to walk past Batman, giving him a respectful nod, I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the Dark Knight! Asking a fully-armed Storm Trooper if my son could have his photograph taken with him was met with an accurate digitized Storm Trooper ‘yes, of course’ and I nervously handed him over.

The Exhibition Centre was arranged like a large indoor market with various stalls playing host to significant cartoonists and artists, independent retailers of related merchandise, comics etc. There was also a gaming area and a large inflatable dome where interviews with several famous and well-known people took place over the two days that included an interview with Lindsay Wagner aka The Bionic Woman, a character from my own childhood.

I will be honest, I drove home buzzing with excitement, my inner-geek desperate to explode onto the Cosplay scene dressed from head to toe as a fully qualified Jedi Knight. I hope my wife will understand…
Selected Pictures (Flickr)
Stephen Davis

Pete Jones



Stephen Salmon

A young cosplayer at MCM Comic Con in Liverpool. Some very cool costumes doing the rounds today.@MCMComicCon
Lindsay Wagner (@mslindsaywagner) March 12, 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed that! I’ve got a new appreciation of those indulging in Cosplay. #Liverpool #MCM #ComicCon
YO! Liverpool (@YOLiverpool) March 13, 2016
Best day meeting this magnificent lady @hannahspearritt at Liverpool Comic Con.
Timothy Knight (@StarshipKnight9) March 13, 2016
Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin Interview with MCM Buzz at MCM Liverpool Comic Con. (5.45.55)
The Ones Who Came B4 (@ACfirstciv) March 12, 2016
The Bionic Women Lindsey Wagner at Comic Con in Liverpool Exhibition centre @LivEchonews #ComicCon
Jason Roberts (@spikeysnapperJ) March 12, 2016
Comic-con at the exhibition centre, Liverpool @LivEchonews #ComicCon
Jason Roberts (@spikeysnapperJ) March 12, 2016
#ComicCon 2016 in Liverpool was amazing!! Full report later
WorthitEntertainment (@WorthItPoints) March 13, 2016
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