Old Liverpool School’s HMI Reports from 1877 to 1894 *Exclusive*
These have got to be some of the earliest examples of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) reports for an Infant Department. They provide a glimpse into Education in Liverpool and England from many years ago. Fascinating in their content, the reports are presented in year order and are from the same school.
In 1880 a further Education Act finally made school attendance compulsory between the ages of five and ten, though by the early 1890s attendance within this age group was falling short at 82 per cent. Many children worked outside school hours – in 1901 the figure was put at 300,000 – and truancy was a major problem due to the fact that parents could not afford to give up income earned by their children. Fees were also payable until a change in the law in 1891. Further legislation in 1893 extended the age of compulsory attendance to 11, and in 1899 to 12.

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