Cycling Scouser Arrives in Liverpool to a Heroes Welcome – The Pride of Merseyside. See his arrival and read his amazing story here!

(Arrival home pictures and video clips at the bottom)
Cycling Scouser Andrew Rogerson, the 29 year old from Liverpool who’s name is on everyone’s lips, has achieved something momentous. He has completed the grueling challenge of cycling alone from Shanghai, China and over 5 months back to Liverpool. That is a total of 10,000 miles all to raise money for Leukemia and other blood cancer Charities.
Cycling Scouser Day 1 – Courtesy Cycling Scouser
Thankfully, I‘ve got an understanding employer who’ve agreed to give me 5 months off work, sadly however, this means the trip has a very tight deadline.
As a keen cyclist myself, I’m fully aware of the back pains and groin numbness that plague cyclists. Recently, I took part in the 50 mile Liverpool to Chester ride and experienced both. How does anyone prepare for a 10,000 mile ride alone?
Rogo’s Tent – Courtesy Cycling Scouser
Well, my trusty two man tent (just so I can stretch my legs!) will be my home. I’ve planned to take a night in a hotel/hostel approximately every 14 days. I’ll need to charge my cameras/navigation/laptop and I’m guessing I might just need to shower!
I’ve been following progress for a few months now on Facebook and Twitter and while Rogo has been away, a dedicated team of colleagues, friends and family have been busy raising the profile of his journey in the most enthusiastic and genuine way imaginable, a growing phenomenon over 5 months has seen followers across social media grow hugely, people engaged by the story. Even those closest to him have shared their surprise at the journey that was undertaken.
One Daft Lad – Courtesy Cycling Scouser
He’s one daft lad him
Following him on social media has given us all a unique window into the world of this amazing individual on his travels across China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and back to the UK.
Besides visiting some wonderful places along the route, highlights for me have been when Rogo has encountered the ordinary, sometimes a little dangerous aspects of life in other countries, maintaining his bike, the open roads, encountering people who have had the privilege of meeting him along the way and well-deserved food and beer. All possible because of the dedicated team responsible for sharing Rogo’s adventures.
Food – Courtesy Cycling Scouser At the beginning of September and in his absence, Andrew was named winner of the prestigious ECHO Pride of Merseyside Award much to the delight of everyone who has been following his progress. Who knows where this will end for him? A book perhaps? A television documentary? One thing is for certain, life will never be the same for him as he settles into life back in Liverpool in the coming months. He’s raised £17,408.24 to date and donations keep pouring in.
You can donate here:
Below are pictures of his arrival back home in Liverpool in front of the iconic 3 Graces

Video Clips
Meeting the press, a round of applause and hugs.

His arrival.

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