Virulently red and with a roofline of octagonal towers and stepped gables. By James Strong, 1899. Grade II listed. Originally the Gordon Smith Institute for Seamen, containing library, reading room and assembly hall, it was converted to offices in 1980-82.


As a result of the many hardships connected with seafaring a number of charities were set up in 19th century Liverpool especially to help seafarers and their families in difficult circumstances. Spiritual guidance as well as more practical help was given to seafarers by the Gordon Smith Institute and the Mersey Mission to Seamen. The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society helped victims of shipwrecks and rewarded the bravery of people who saved others’ lives. The Liverpool Sailors' Home was set up to protect sailors from dishonest lodging house keepers who attempted to take advantage of them. The children of seamen who lost their fathers were cared for in the Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution.

Chancery House

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