In today's 'Guide To Liverpool 1902, we join the authors the Littlebury Brothers in a visit to the Walker Art Gallery. As with most of the tours it would be interesting to re-visit them now to see what has changed, in the case of the Walker many of the artworks are still on display.


Standing at the north end of St. George's Hall and looking across the street, we notice a fine group of buildings, extending from the County Sessions House on the right, down William Brown Street, to Byrom Street on the left. This group is formed by the well-known Walker Art Gallery (almost immediately opposite), the circular Picton Library, Brown Reading Room, and the adjoining Museum; and to the extreme left, with frontages to William Brown Street and Byrom Street, the New Museum Extension and Technical College. As these buildings are each in their turn worthy of special notice, we take them in order and first visit the Walker Art Gallery.

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