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    How many Scousers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Five of the most memorable minutes of my life....

    I was in a Los Angeles restaurant for lunch many years ago with the love of my life and who should walk in and sit quite close to my table but...
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    The Sod House

    That's what my mum used to call "The Stanley" pub. I always presumed it was because it was full of Sods, ie husbands drinking their wages away. I later found out that King Edward(?) allegedly visited...
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    Any Links to Photos of Walton/Walton Hall Park/Walton Village?

    Just recently heard about Liverpool being awarded City of Culture status and got nostalgic about the place, having left in 1977, so am trailing around t'Internet looking for photos (old and new) of...
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    Loss of Ship

    I recall, long ago, a photo in the Maritime Museum with a similar plaque that mentioned the sinking of the ship 'Liverpool' off the coast of Africa in 1820. Perhaps the plaque is a relic from St...
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