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    Hi gary, Thanks for the reply. I will certainly...

    Hi gary,
    Thanks for the reply. I will certainly try some of the tips you have given. I have been reseaching for a couple of years but took a year off so I could get rid of my headache.....lol. Its...
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    Liverpool Sailors......

    Hi all,
    I think I know a few you from other Merchant Marine sites.... My grandad was in the Merchant Navy....his name was, wait for it, Martin Quinn. Would like to hear anything about him from...
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    As advised I will put a few more details about my...

    As advised I will put a few more details about my Dad.
    As stated above he was born in 1932, his parents were Martin and Mary Quinn. I believe after the death of Mary, his Mum, he and his siblings...
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    Family Tree and search for relatives.

    Hello all,
    Several years ago I started tracing my family history. Unfortunately just after I started my dad passed away so it became a struggle, plus I live and work in germany and dont get back to...
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