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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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So after the long trip back to Rainhill from Karratha, Dad had coaxed me to come along for the ride going down was ok, dad was joking will Rob are we driving back to Australia, when dad jokes it comes out serious but Rob said this why I wanted to get the buses it's so far out i think it's the naerly the end of L>C>P>T area I think it's Litherland, so after we dropped Rob and met his parent's they asked did you want a cup of tea dad piped up I'd love a cup of coffee when dads at home it's tea if we go out its coffee, so now for it I thought, he was quiet for about 1/2 hr then ok then pulled up Ray's cake shop in Prescot out ye get right your pick went in what cake do you want? not very hungry, then a voice shouted out I thought I knew that voice god Michael you look terrible, dad jumped he's been sick in Australia so he's come home for a while, sorry Mr Doran michael and I go back a long way ( this was a bloke we ragged about having cooking lesson's with the girls he trained as a pastry cook he'd been head hunted but had decided he liked where he worked and stayed and stayed then went 1/2 in the buisness so I did what I was told and ordered then dad got his wallet out to pay excuse me what you doing? paying for them? I said Michael & I go back to our school day's they are on the house? and give us a shout and we'll catch up and have a laugh ok?) going home dad said ok ( here we go?) who's was that? we have been in there for years I don't know well he remembers you for some reason? sso we got home mum said how much did all that cost? heheheheh nothing? yea pull the other one? what Michael's friend in Ray's gave it to him for a home coming? marvelous goes to the end of the earth been back all of 5 min's and he's remembered? dad said and I'll bet you now the cat's out the bag he's home be back soon going to watch THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN

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