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St Peter's Church, Church Street, Est.1704

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^ St Peter's Church, Church Street, c.1900's (LRO).

I remember reading somewhere that the design for St. Peter's Church, Church Street [consecrated 1704] was based on Wren's rebuilding of St. Andrew's Church, Holborn, London [1686]. I can't remember where I read this, but has intriged me ever since. I took some pictures of St Andrew's for comparison.

Does anyone have any information, or sources to back this up?

St Andrew's wasn't burn down during the great fire of London [1666] but was in such a state, that they decided to rebuild it anyway - only the original tower was kept, prior to the rebuild in 1686. The tower itself, was reclad in 1704, the same year that our own St. Peter's opened it's doors.

^ The Maltese Cross.
Does it sit over St. Peter's altar?

^ No. The Maltese Cross marks the site of the church and sits just beyond it's walls. It does not lay on the altar, as previously thought.

^ 1848 OS Map (LRO) in 'red', showing St. Peters laid over a modern day OS map, in black.

^ Church Alley from School Lane looking towards Church Street (LRO).

^ Inside St. Peter's Church. Private Postcard View.

^ St. Peter's Church looking up Church St. Private Postcard View.

^ Herdman Views around St. Peter's Church (LRO).

^ St Andrew's Church, Holborn, London - Christopher Wren's city church, may have been the study for St Peter's design?

^ St Andrew's Church, Holborn, London - Christopher Wren's city church, may have been the study for St Peter's design?

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  1. ChrisGeorge's Avatar
    Hi dazza

    Very interesting. Not so much the tower of the church but the nave appears similar, particularly the gable end and windows appear comparable between St. Peter's, Church Street, and the Holborne church. The use of the urns as an architectural motif might be another a point of similarity.

    The tower of St. Peter's might also vaguely remind one of the top of the tower of Nicholas Hawksmoor's tower for St. George's-in-the-East, London. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:StGeorgeInTheEast.JPG. I'm also reminded of Holy Trinity Church in Wavertree. Same architect possibly?

  2. dazza's Avatar
    Thanks Chris - St Andrew's tower was re-clad in 1704 [the same year that St. Peter's opened it's doors in Liverpool]. Unfortunaltely, I haven't managed to find a picture of the Wren Church in it's original state? If you notice, the tower is a lighter shade of stone, than the rest of the church? What's not certain, is the scale of renovation at that time. I'm still digging around for information, and will post, if anything new comes to light?
  3. Debra's Avatar
    Thanks for this Dazza , so interesting , i never knew such a place existed .
  4. dazza's Avatar
    Thanks Debra, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Most Liverpudlian's will probably have more than one grandparent married here, if you got back far enough, as it was Liverpool's 'Pro-Cathedral' [a parish church acting as a cathedral] up until the two cathedrals either end of Hope Street took over the role.

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