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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Newby ( hopfully not for long)

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[QUOTE=Woolyback;331531]Hi, my name Mike ( Doran) I joined last night and hope to make some friends I worked on St Helen's corpy as a conducter I spent a lot of time in Anfield, going to watch Liverpool I orignaly come from Whiston before moving to Rainhill ( and not the hospital ha ha) before Moving to Perth WA then as my childhood dream!! ' to live by the seaside in Rockingham" when I am work( loosly reference) on perm night's I surf liverpool ferries ( shame about the royal Iris) and ex liverpool buses so If anyone want's to drop me a line either via skype, on here ( i can access this site or my email's while umm working hard ha ha)[/QUOTE]

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