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  1. Royal Liver Building

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    Probably the most photographed and well known building in Liverpool.
    It is located at Pier Head and stands proud and majestic against the skyline of Liverpool and the riverfront. The building is made of reinforced concrete and was the first large scale building of its type. It was built in 1911 for the Royal Liver Friendly Society. This impressive architectural masterpiece
  2. Liverpool Pier Head and the Waterfront

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    By the 1890s the George's Dock, built in 1771, was essentially redundant. It was the third dock built in Liverpool, and was too small and too shallow in depth for the commercial ships of the late 19th century. Most of the site was owned by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, set up by Parliament in 1857; a small part of the site still was still held by the Corporation
  3. A Liverpool Christmas Greeting, 1962

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    A Liverpool Christmas Greeting, 1962

    Here's a greeting from the old Pier Head in the Port of Liverpool
    And may your ship come home to you, full laden on this Yule.
    Perhaps you've turkey, perhaps scouse, perhaps just Xmas pud.
    Please, as you eat, and sup, believe--I wish you all things good.
    You can be sure this will endure, it's
  4. Ferries and the River Mersey - Updated

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    People have been crossing the River Mersey by ferry between the Wirral and Liverpool for almost 800 years; it is thought that a group of Benedictine Monks who established a priory at Birkenhead in about 1150 were the first to start a regular service. The monks used to offer food and shelter to travellers making their way across the Mersey. As this practice caused the monks some expense, they petitioned King Edward III for the royal approval to run the ferry service, asking to charge reasonable tolls.
  5. Liverpool Parks

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    As a change from my normal local history articles, my post today is more up to date, I was recently asked by a lady involved with the 'Friends Of Walton Hall Park' to take some photographs of the park showing just how nice it is looking. I did so and then someone suggested I visit Princes Park, which I did, so I thought why not photograph a few more, after all, it's autumn and the colours are lovely. The link below will take you to my Picture Liverpool page where you can see all the images I have
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