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    Handmade and reworked jewellery, vintage and handmade clothing, cakes and cocktails.

    Free entry.

    What better way to spend a sunday afternoon?!
    17th October 12-5pm, Aloha Bar Liverpool[/I]
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  2. Ticket To Ride - Free Music - Liverpool Artist

    Hello my name is Joey Seary, Iam a Hip Hop Artist from Liverpool. I was hoping you could lend an ear to my music and show support. The link below will take you to my free download. Thankyou

    Liverpool Hip Hop Artist-FREE MIXTAPE-http://soc.li/0ScVF4W Monster, Cant Stop Me,Typical,**** It Feels Good To Be A Scouser
  3. Poetry and Creative writing

    [QUOTE=captain kong;300467]Here is one I found in the magazine, Ships, author unknown.

    "I shall acknowledge old age
    when the call of the far wild seas
    no longer stir my blood.
    When I shall not see as a boy would see
    the beauty of a homeward bound ship
    harbouring on the flood.

    Only then will I sit in the lee of the Harbour wall
    conjuring up dreams from the River`s mist.
    Only then will I weep an old man`s tears ...
  4. Nick Harper For Birkenhead International Guitar Festival - November 2010

    [QUOTE=GigGirl;300135]Nick Harper Does It Freestyle

    UK Tour – November 2010

    Nick Harper will be kicking off an 18-date tour, starting on November 2 at Chester Telford’s Warehouse, taking in the International Guitar Festival (November 6, Birkenhead) and The Social, London on November 14.

    This follows a summer of outstanding sets at summer festivals around the country including ...
  5. Old Liverpool Pubs: Bar Royal Etc

    [QUOTE=bugzeeno1;298370]I know who started the bar royal (and why) along with the history of all that complex, I noticed from your list that you have missed out an awful lot. That era was my bed for many years but I didn't get much sleep in it; what with the hard-cases, bag robbers, gangster types and norms, it was a whirlwind of people and a replenishment of my educational values. The city centre -at that time- became my university with it's dark streets and vast array of prancing/prowling personaities ...
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