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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    If I may...

    You should perhaps develop a 'Dan Dare' approach with wild eye-catching teasers about the next instalment...

    "Next time I conquer Speke and am brought low by a domesticated chicken..." for instance.
    Or, maybe it is just me who can hardly wait.
    Good luck with it Brer Tom.
  2. Oudeis's Avatar
    I am wondering where your father worked Tom as I recall out kitchen cabinets and work tops were from (fork lifting) pallets and sticky-back plastic.
  3. Oudeis's Avatar
    Ah, yes Brer T. S/he who discovers the joy of reading discovers all that is possible and a great many worlds where the possible is no barrier to a mind that can look through either end of a telescope at one and the same time and 'know' all things great and small.
    Santa should bring you Hugo's Les Miserables. For this tale takes the reader on a journey through the heart and mind and spirit of man.
    Read on MacDuff, as the bard of Avon nearly said.
  4. Oudeis's Avatar
    Yes indeed Brer Tom the wonders of the public bar showman have long been in decline. I knew a Glasgow fellow who earned a few pints by pushing a pint glass through the handle of a pint jug. Well worth the money, I say.
    You have got me wondering what songs you rehearsed in your stair-well?
    Camp site management must have left you with a rich store of tales. (hint-hint)
  5. Oudeis's Avatar
    "our hero seeks counselling", Not a moment too soon.
    Keep up the good work Brer Tom.

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