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  1. Liverpool. As home.

    George Melly.

    I have, at long last, finished his book;Rum Bum and Concertina.

    I had bought the paperback second hand some years ago, I had one attempt at reading it, but had given up. It is not a story I have much in common with. Young public-school boy with homosexual proclivities joins the Navy near the end of WWII.
    Perhaps it is his connection with Liverpool and my own, less actual, experiences of the city and it's people that has allowed me to get the reading ...
  2. "Life is Hell, then you..."

    I did not know it's form, the beast that settled upon me. Fish, fowl or some great bear or ancient sloth? It's weight too was unknown to me, the cut of it's talons-grip lost in my benumbed state.
    I must have looked to strangers rather buckled at the knees, stooped and drained, but deep within I dwelt with hope. Far, far down deep inside me I sat before the glow of possibilities.
    Life went on, more or less without me, but there was always much to do.
    The actual effort, lengthy ...
  3. It's a small world. As the Martians say.

    I set out this morning on a walk I have done many times before. The same streets, the same turnings, sometimes cutting a corner this way sometimes that, but without fail taking fully 25 minutes from A to B. This morning;fair weather, little wind. This same journey took 21 minutes. I wondered why.
    I am what you might term a 'strider-out' doing as an average the full four miles to the hour. Sure of step, firm of purpose and with nary a care in the world. I do however plan to arrive a little ...
  4. Is your dad bigger than my dad?

    Odd, this childhood growing-up thing. Is it not? Funny how you learn how other people live, other children anyway. First maybe your neighbourhood kids; those you are friendly with. Then after a while your horizons broaden a little when you start school. Some friends have parents who both work others have their mum at home. Some eat as a family at table others, as and when they are hungry or just to fit in with what is on the TV or right there in front of the TV. All this after the open fire had ...

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