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  1. Liverpool Pier - Could Liverpool Have One?

    [QUOTE=essexscouse;278958]If the causeway affects the currants would we be best to raisin it?[/QUOTE]
    For the opening ceremony we could get Dire Straits to reform and play - Sultanas of Swing.
  2. Thank Feck that Seasons over!

    S[QUOTE=scouse mouse;269935]Thanks Kevin. There is always that other "catagory" so common on almost every site............the dull poster who never actually has anything constructive or 'interesting' to add, but still likes to let everyone know that he's still here by complaining about others at least once a day.

    If I'm worthy of an Oscar chum, you are certainly due a lifetime acheivement award for tedium and mind numbing boredom.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.[/QUOTE] ...

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