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12-09-2006, 03:52 AM
Flowers for Adrian

Adrian Henri (1932-2000)

The worn flagstones of Mount Street
opposite the Liverpool Institute
-- the head's office, I remember
his cabinet full of silver trophies
as he turned me down as a new pupil;

30 years later, I sat on your settee
at 21 Mount Street, a cabinet with a dead
magpie in it, garlanded with paste jewelry
as I drank coffee with connie onnie
and listened to your rich Liverpool accent:

Adrian, pop artist, pop poet,
one of the triumvirate of Sixties
"Liverpool Poets" Henri, McGough, Patten;
you stayed while Roger and Brian decamped
to "The Smoke"--but you were the first to die,

debilitated after your stroke,
your big body wasted but still--
as in your poetry and your artwork,
"I Want To Paint--" as you painted
the football field of bouquets

after the Hillsborough tragedy of '89:
"Flowers for Liverpool."
Yes! every Spring, every day,
it's flowers for Adrian.

Christopher T. George


"Flowers for Liverpool" by Adrian Henri, courtesy of Andy Roberts Music Adrian Henri Tribute Site (http://www.andyrobertsmusic.com/)

12-09-2006, 09:28 PM
Excellent. That's really good Chris. :)

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Excellent Chris :)

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Thanks, Lindy and Kev. :celb (23):