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I started this story some time ago on another site. It seemed to go down well with the lads and I continued with it from the time of the end of the 1900's. It concerns the life and times of Novena, the daughter of the Duke of Suevic and her family. Novena married the Count De La Casa de Cervesa and live in Far Kinnell a grand house just outside Liverpool. Novena's story is a little risque to say the least and if I am to continue with it, I shall have to tone it down a bit and make it a little more humorous as there may be readers of a particular disposition!

The story so far is that the date is 1914, just before the start of the First World War. Novena and her husband have three children, two boys and a girl.
One of the sons is at University in Germany and the girl is at finishing school in Switzerland.
I will post the last episode again so that those who have not become enamoured with Novena as has the two Brians, will have a chance to catch up.

11-28-2008, 04:22 PM
The Count de la Casa de Cerveza had been called from Far Kinnell to London at the behest of the Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

?Good of you to come at such short notice Sir but as you know we are in the middle of a **** tricky business? Asquith said as he greeted the Count. ?Our intelligence tells us that Austria will invade Serbia shortly and the Russians and Germans will follow suit I?m afraid. If that happens we will have to act in a decisive manner which will mean all-out war!?
The Count looked keenly at the Prime Minister and then said, ?Sir, as you know my business interests and connections are world-wide, anything I can do will be at the Country?s disposal?.
Asquith studied him for a moment, reflecting on the dossier he had read the night before. The Count came from reliable European stock, spoke several languages including Scouse, considered to be the most difficult to comprehend. He had made a good marriage, Novena, the daughter of the late Duke of Suevic and had two sons and a young daughter at finishing school in Switzerland. Novena he remembered as a young man, a ravishing beauty who caused a lump in his riding breeches one morning when a guest at her father?s house.
?I would advise you most strongly to return your daughter home as soon as possible? he said. Although Switzerland will be Neutral, she could well be a target for the enemy. Your elder son attended University in Heidelberg I understand and has knowledge of Germany and its people; he also is fluent in many languages as yourself.?
The Count smiled inwardly, ?The cunning old Devil has certainly done his homework on me and my family? he thought. Little did Asquith know but the Count had a dossier on him as well as all other principal politicians in the country. The Count?s intelligence network was as good as if not better than available to H.M. Government ?I will take your advice and bring my daughter home at once? he said, and begging his leave he left Asquith and made his way to Claridges.
He called the Manager and had a telegram sent to Far Kinnell advising Novena to contact the school in Switzerland to move Novella to France as quickly as possible where she would be met by one of the Count?s agents.

The following morning was crisp and clear as usual, the clean air of Switzerland flowed through the open window of Novella?s bedroom. She rose from her bed and stood at the window, opened her dressing gown as she did every morning and let the cool air play across her pert young breasts. This always gave her some amusement as she knew that young Fritz the garden boy hid in the bushes every morning to view her young lithe body.
She stroked her nipples and smiled, knowing that in the evening Fritz would pleasure himself under his blanket. The very thought brought a stirring to her own loins and the happy memory of her first time, when she became a full woman following the Ball at Gstaad Palace the month before.
There came a knock to her door, startled she hurriedly pulled her robe around her and called, ?who is it?. ?It is Frau Richter Scale, with a telegram from your father in England? came the reply. ?You must pack your things immediately and leave Schloss Adler for France. A carriage awaits to take you to the station.? Novella knew that her father would not have made such a decision lightly and hurriedly packed her things with the aid of a servant and caught the train to Paris.
The journey through the countryside was uneventful until the Swiss/French Border. A landslide had damaged the tracks and the train would have to be diverted through Freiburg in Germany. This would cause a delay of some hours Novella thought, but she would soon be in France and Paris was one of her favourite cities.
As the train travelled through Germany she noticed more and more soldiers marching through the small towns and villages. Guns and horses were everywhere, patriotic songs were being sung by the soldiers as they marched along. ?I?ll be glad to be away from here ?she thought. The train pulled to a halt at a small station and armed soldiers came aboard. ?Passports? they called. ?Passports? a handsome young officer entered her compartment and Novena handed over her passport for examination. ?You are English? ?he said. ?Yes? she replied, ?I am?. ?Better for you to be home ?he smiled, ?there may be trouble ahead for us all.?

The train pulled away from the station and as Novella sank back into her seat with a sigh, she glimpsed an officer standing on the platform. He was in the uniform of the dreaded Glockenspiel Cavalry! They were the most feared of the German army, and as he turned and looked at her she almost fainted. It was her brother Daley who had been studying at Heidelburg!

brian daley
11-28-2008, 07:25 PM
Freidrich Mein leiber ,das is wunderbar, Ich bin so full of angst werganging abowd mein leiber frau, Danke schonn meine fruende,

captain kong
11-29-2008, 03:15 PM
Hola mia quereda, Novena, yo mucho amor en mia corazon para usted.
Que Pasa el hombre Daleyo?, es un malo bandido.
con simpatico, mia amor, Cerveza Casa.

Novena?? Novella?? que pasa aqui ???

11-29-2008, 08:56 PM
O.K.You two, calm down,calm down calm down.
Novena is still quite ablle to go the distance, Novella is her daughter and learning from her mother.

I tak, historia będzie kontynuowana w czasie kilku dni. Zachować swoje umysły powyżej pępka i wszystkich będzie jasne.


captain kong
11-30-2008, 03:08 PM
I am wondering now if Novella could be my daughter, No one tells me anything around here and DNA hasnt been invented yet, so what am I to do? Can I take a chance and have a relationship with Novella and keep it in the family or do I keep away and go back to Novena.?
I know I am not the father of her brother Daleyo as he is too ugly.
Cervesa Casa

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Mea Culpa lads, I've got it all ready but my P.C. has been on the blink and unfortunately has shuffled off this mortal coil, as Beethoven said. I'm using the lads at the moment, new model on Tuesday.

I'll be back.

brian daley
01-04-2009, 10:04 PM
I'm hanging on Fred, it's been the longest month on record. Roll on next week,

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Novella awoke with a start, then she remembered that she was back home in Far KInnell.
Her journey through France had been uneventful although her thoughts returned to the young
man in French Officer's uniform who had boarded the train at Dijon.

"Please excuse me" he said and bowed in typical French manner. "May I share this compartment with you,
I am on my way to Paris on military affairs."
"By all means sir" Novella replied in fluent French, "I too am on my way to Paris before I change to the Boat Train to London"
Her eyes met his and she felt herself blush slightly as her eyes glanced at his reflection in the carriage window.
He was not too tall but had a muscular body and dark piercing eyes. Novella wondered what he would be like -----------?

When she reached London one of her father's agents was waiting for her. "Welcome home" he said as he ushered her into the carriage.
"All is ready at the Town House at your father's orders. Should there be anything you require the Housekeeper will attend at once.
There is a sealed packet awaiting your arrival, it came by Messenger from Far Kinnell this morning."

Alone in her room Novella opened the packet, it was from her father. She was advised that as His Majesty King George V. had been
advised by the War Cabinet to change his name from the German-- Battenberg Kake Von Harpsichord--to Windsor, her
father felt obliged to change to a more British sounding Title. He had been Granted the Title of---Duke of Sefton, Marquis of
Toxteth and Huskisson, Earl of Everton and Annfield. Her mother would be Duchess of Sefton,etc.etc. her brother Daley would be
Lord Daley of Ollysurveyed, her elder brother to be know as Lord Brian of Saxonia. She would have the Title of Lady Novella
of Walton Park.

Now that she was home at last, she rose and bathed. As she lay in the warm water her thoughts once again returned to the you French Officer.
she could feel her pulse race as her fingers lifted the sponge across her lithe young legs. The smoothness
of it made her more aroused and as her fingers caressed her inner thighs she found herself breathing more and more rapidly
until she once again felt the inner glow of passion. If only he had been here to make it more real she mused.

Novella, like her mother always enjoyed a good ride before breakfast and so she called for the stablelad, Dwyer to attend
and bring out her hunter Ernie. He always gave her a good ride in the morning and on her return she made sure
he was given a good rub down and a sugar cube. Ernie enjoyed giving Novella's sugar cube a good suck after their morning
ride. ( Young Dwyer often wished the she would give him something. )

After breakfast, the family sat at the long table and her father informed the family butler Hives, that they were not to be disturbed.
He told his family that as the country was now at war with the Bosche, there would have to be some changes in their life style.
He would raise a Regiment for the KIng from the rapscallions of Liverpool, the Regiment to be known as the Premier Division
Scouse Horse Kilties. Novena would provide comfort for returning troops as would all the females in the Household, (one or two of the male
members would be prepared to assist in that he had heard, particularly the downstairs footmen.)

He then advised them about Daley and that his life depended on their silence. Daley had been recruited by
the Secret Service and had joined the German Army as a Lieutnant in the Glockenspeil Brigade. No more was his name to be mentioned
in the house and no communication was to be attempted with him!
Lord Brian would be Commissioned in the Royal Navy and attached to Admiral Beatty's Squadron now stationed at Scapa Flow,
just above the top right hand side pointy bit of Jockland.

"As for you Novella, there is a particular job awaiting for you. You will return to London tomorrow and await at the townhouse for instructions."


brian daley
01-06-2009, 04:17 PM
Fred ,this is the best ever,I thought I was reading a John Buchan novel for a little while. I shall be on tenterhooks until the next exciting chapter of FAR KINNELL!!. Bravo Mon Brave,

01-06-2009, 06:37 PM

It gets better and better Fred!!, sounds like we are going to get "bigger Tab-nabs" !!!

Bob F :handclap: :handclap:

captain kong
01-06-2009, 08:18 PM
Happy New year, my dearest Novena, I have been away on business for ten days now. Hope they send young Daley away to the front, with a bit of luck the Bosche will give him Blitzen and all the young ladies will be mine.
But I still do not know if Novella is mine, DNA has not yet been invented.
Cervaisa Casa.

brian daley
01-06-2009, 09:54 PM
You scoundrel,incest is still a crime,when I get back from whereever it willbe a horsewhipping for you ,you you you!!

captain kong
01-06-2009, 09:58 PM
If Novella is not mine then she soon will be. Hope the Bosch crush your nuts. She is your sister.

02-09-2009, 05:44 PM
Novella waited in her father?s study, her heart pounding. What did he mean,? Something special for her to do??

Her two brothers were fighting for King and country, at sixteen years old, what was in store for her?

?Daughter, you are to go to London next week? her father informed her.? You will stay in the Town House where you will be contacted as to your future in this Great War. Your mother and I have discussed this and feel that it is something that must be done, all over Europe sacrifices are being made we feel that our family must do likewise.?

Later that evening, as he lay with Novena, he felt as only a father can for his children. Brian, Daley and now Novella were to be caught up in this tragedy of war. Novena stirred beside him, he turned and kissed her lightly on the cheek. She became half awake and pressed her body to his, her mouth opened as they kissed again, her tongue moving with his. Her fingers felt his arousal and her legs opened for him and with great tenderness they joined together in love. The power of his love made her whole being shudder with expectation as she felt his warm glow inside her, her own flame of desire bursting within her. It was always thus for her, their lovemaking was as the first time!

Daley awaited his orders as Hauptman Von Keiselgurd, Glockenspiel Cavalry. He had managed with the assistance of forged papers provided by his father through British Intelligence to assume this disguise. He had been briefed during the early months at Heidelberg in 1914.He had been out on the town with the rest of his classmates carousing in the taverns when, dancing with a buxom frauline she suddenly pulled him into the shadows.
?My name is Steffi von Graf and I have a message for you from your father, you must listen very carefully as I will say this only once? ?Come to my apartment at 2000hrs. or 8p.m. whichever suits you.?
That evening over a glass of schnapps Daley was given his instructions. He was to leave the University and travel to Bavaria disguised as a Weiner- schnitzel salesman, make contact with Prince Rupert of Hentzau who would be disguised as Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. or James Mason, (depending which version of the film you saw.) Arrangements had been made for his sister to travel to Paris and he was to ensure her passage through Germany was without hindrance. Thereafter he was to pass information that came his way from the German High Command OberOst.

Daley took a long drink of schnapps and said farewell to Steffi. ?You need not go so soon,? she said. . Taking his hand she kissed him with a warmth and expectation. He undid the ties of her peasant blouse and her full young breasts were free of their constraints. She pressed herself to him, lifted her skirts and as his hands moved upwards she slipped across him and guided his hands to her ample bosom. He slowly removed his trousers and as her hand gripped his tumescent manhood she lowered her head and in a few moments he exploded with passion. Steffi manoeuvred herself across his chest and guided his mouth to her secret place. He began moving her hips in a constant rhythm and as he probed deeper wave after wave of delight coursed through her being. Much later as they were locked in an embrace of love, he said his goodbyes to Heidelberg and Steffi.

To be continued------

brian daley
02-09-2009, 07:12 PM
Fred ,Fred ,twas well worth the wait,it reminded of those picaresque novels we used to purchase at the far end of the Med. Comforting to have beneath the pillow when in need of diversion. Brilliant!!

captain kong
02-09-2009, 09:29 PM
Why did I think of the Suez Canal when I read that

Fantasic worth waiting for.
When do I get what Novena is praying for.

05-04-2009, 08:41 PM
I sort of gave up on this as I thought that I was told it was becoming too much like some of the yarns we read at sea, and also that it may offend some of our female readers. Having had a chat with Brian in hospital, I know that he enjoys it so, when I come back from Birmingham next week we will continue with the family if Baron Suevic and I don't give a monkey's if it causes offence, after all this is for grown ups.


captain kong
05-05-2009, 04:50 PM
Good on yer Baron Suevic,
Cant wait for my Novena to come back to me.

05-07-2009, 07:20 AM
well im a grown up and im enjoying the script so go for it :)

05-09-2009, 11:29 PM
Me too cant wait for what happens next :unibrow:


06-28-2009, 06:07 PM
1916?????.Field Marshall Hindenburg and General Ludendorf formed Der Ober Est, this was to be the High Command of all German land forces.
A Plan had been formulated by Commander Falkenheyn to give a further push, and assault great swathes of the countryside into France. However his offensive at Verdun which was to destroy the French army by rapid assault was a failure, and he was replaced by Ober Est in 1917 to command the German forces during their occupation of Rumania.
The plan had failed due to the information gained by Daley from his Commander, Erich Von Stroheim of the 15th. Bavarian Lederhosen Yodeller Horse Commandos.
Young Daley had at his use several feral Liverpool pigeons which had been crossed with Indian Mina birds and were able to carry messages across the line to the British Expeditionary Forces in France. He tutored the birds in Scouse, the idea being that if the birds were captured, German Intelligence would be unable to understand the Pierhead Patois.
This had proved successful at the Battle of the Marne in 1914 where the B.E.F. under the command of General Sir John French, the French 5th Army, General D?Esperey, the 9th Army by General Foch, the 4th by General L?angle and the 3rd. by General Sarrail . The 18th French Army commanded by General Electric was held at the Battery.

Daley had decided that he had to gain as much information as possible before the Allied push at Cambrai and knew that Von Stroheim had a mistress in town, by the name of Steffi Van Graff.
Feigning illness he managed to acquire a pass which allowed him to visit the town doctor, Josef Mengele Snr. Following the consultation during which he managed to convince the doctor that he was suffering from a mild case of West Nile disease which he had picked up in West Nile Street, Glasgow during his tenure in Scotland on behalf on the German High Command. However he also managed to convince the good doctor that a scrape out with the Dreadnaught Umbrella was not required.

Steffi was as usual standing at the bar in the local tavern. Her plump Bavarian outline was the attraction to Von Stroheim when he had first glimpsed her at the table. She had however grown tired of him and was looking for a new challenge; a younger model would be fine for her. When Daley entered the bar in full uniformed which showed off his manliness to his advantage her heart began to sing beneath her peasant blouse. This is the man for me she decided.
Daley ignored her first advances which made her even more determined, and taking him by the arm she guided him upstairs to her room. Daley at first resisted telling her that he knew that Von Stroheim was her lover and that he was the commanding officer. Steffi removed her blouse and her chemise was full of her ample breasts, which she pressed to Daley as her desire took hold of her, this was Daley?s chance and with a swift movement removed his uniform, Steffi?s dirndl skirt and underwear and as their lips met he slowly began to enter her aching body.
She had never felt anything like this before, his manliness was so great that she thought she would pass out as he slowly moved to a positive rhythm bringing her to the joy of lovemaking. Suddenly Daley stopped moving and began to withdraw, Steffi gasped in amazement and cried out for him to continue. Daley smiled told her that she would only get the Liverpool Beast if she would tell him of Von Stroheim?s secrets.
Steffi gasped and agreed only if he would enter again and again. Daley smiled and duly obliged making her moan with delight and had to muffle her screams as climax after climax was reached.

He had managed his task so far in Bavaria and he wondered how his brother Brian was doing in the High Seas Fleet under the command of Admiral Jellicoe.

brian daley
06-28-2009, 07:15 PM
Fred,I have to report that I was caught reading the latest episode of your saga when my wife burst into the room. She took one look at my trousers and accused me of downloading channel XXX. The result is that I have had to go to the A&E at our local hospital to have the mouse removed from my sphincter and our lap top is beyond repair. But, please ,please do not desist in your wonderfully funny saga,